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Tal Waddan Group of Companies has been starting its construction, Logistic Service, Transportation and contracting activities in the year of 2010. It is a non-governmental, not political, independent and non Alliance Company dedicated to the welfare and progress of afghan citizens with the primary focus on empowerment of construction, Logistic, Transportation and Contracting program which is one of the urgent needs of Afghanistan in today’s tense.
TWGC is part of a dynamic network of development agencies across the country; currently operating in over 34 provinces across the country, currently manages and implements the largest, multi – sectoral development programs with the government of Afghanistan.
TWGC has been established in 2010 aiming at taking active part in the contracting and reconstruction process of the ruined Afghanistan. TWGC has investment and has sufficient fund to carry out construction, Logistic, Transportation and Contracting activities, contracting services and construction equipments.
TWGC has quite qualified Engineers and sufficient construction equipments. TWGC suggests that long-term maintenance of project is the most important one. Once built in best quality is cheaper than the repairing for many times. TWGC offers best quality work.
The company is in a position to submit realistic cost for of Qty and all project implementations expender and finance records in Ledgers (in Hard copies as well as in Floppy Diskettes). We have office computers and related office Equipments with updated programs installed for drawings and many Engineering calculation formulas for estimation cost.